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Université de Bordeaux

Why choose us?

This summer school is a unique and innovative training programme on the topic of new space technologies, and builds upon the strong local industrial ecosystem focused on the development of space related professions.

The programme is supported by the University of Bordeaux’s Graduate Research School and Graduate Research Programme NUMERICS, the New-Aquitaine University Space Centre – NAASC which supports students in the design of rockets, nanosatellites and stratospheric balloons, as well as Way4Space, an Innovation Centre aiming to create and transform innovative ideas in the space field.

In addition, laboratories on the Bordeaux campus are developing numerous space-related research projects on a wide range of topics, such as Internet of Things communications by LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites, in-orbit services, management of in-orbit debris, Earth observation through Copernicus data, etc. These laboratories include the Integration: from Material to Systems laboratory, the Bordeaux Computer Science Research laboratory, the Bordeaux Institute of Mathematics and the Bordeaux Institute of Mechanics and Engineering.